AWC – Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

In this issue:

  • Historic partnership in the Pilliga forest and at Mallee Clfifs
  • Restoring the lost mammals of central Australia at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary: the planet’s largest feral cat eradication project
  • Historic return of endangered Woylies to Mt Gibson
  • Securing the Northern Quoll
  • Piccaninny Plains bird surveys to unlock wet season secrets of Cape York
  • Ground-breaking feral cat research extended to Cape York

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NSW Trip Scotia May 2014 RAW- 0474

One last hurrah – farewell New Zealand

The Doc is now back home, but New Zealand put on last show before he left.

While travelling from Lake Wanaka to Queenstown along the Cardrona Valley Highway you climb into the Crown Range. As he climbed out of Cardrona Township The Doc could see snow, then more snow and it became apparent there had been a heavy fall overnight. So when The Doc reached the summit fresh snow was everywhere, but luckily not over the road. Enjoy:

Southern Alps – glaciers the masters of erosion

A few photos from one of The Doc’s flights over the Southern Alps near Mount Cook. Pictures include looking at the glacial lakes at the foot of glaciers, the moraine (gravel) left by the eroding effect of the glacier as it grinds over the rock, the shallow braided rivers as the water twists and turns through the gravel. Glaciers, the masters of erosion. Enjoy.

Wow, just wow, what a day

Photo opportunities have been scare the last few days, but today at Aoraki/Mt Cook things took a turn for the better.

Yesterday The Doc drove over 600 kilometres from Waikoura (East Coast) through Lewis Pass to Greymouth (West Coast) and then back through Arthur’s Pass to the the East Coast and got 8 photos, most ordinary. About a third of the way through Lewis Pass, the rain started and the clouds hid most of the mountains and valleys. On the way back most of Arthur’s Pass was rained in as well.

Another lesson learned, the Trans Alpine Train has much better views and scenery through Arthur’s Pass, than the road does.

The Doc spent the night at Rakaia River. The next morning The Doc drove for about an hour in the rain. As he came around the side of the Southern Alps it was beautiful sunny weather, the Alps were blocking the cloud from getting to Lake Tekapo. On spec The Doc popped into Lake Tekapo Airport to see if an Air Safari flight was planned. The Doc was soon on the flight (also taken as part of the photo tour). The winds meant the plane flew in the opposite direction and The Doc got some great photos, as the light was better than the first time.

He then visited Mt John Observatory overlooking Lake Tekapo Township and then drove off to Lake Pukaki (near Tziwel) and then down to the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park for more stunning scenery. He are some photos from his point and shoot camera (mostly). Wow what a day!