Cape York helicopter trip ends

The Doc has just arrived back from the 4 day heli tour of Cape York. Quite an experience. It will take a few days to sink in. Visited some very remote places, meet some interesting people and had a couple of wildlife moments, like the 14 foot croc and a swarm of thousands and thousands of metallic starlings flying in cloud formation at The Tip of Australia.

The GPS log of the rip below. Now starting to download 3,500 photos!


Updating the Patrol

After 54,000km travelling over Australia The Doc has made a few more changes to the Nissan Patrol. These include:

  1. Replacing the Redarc Battery Management with a simple fully electronic system, the Intervolt EBI Pro. No more issues around power since the change. The Redarc is too smart for its own good.
  2. Installed a front diff guard from Superior Engineering.
  3. New steel side steps, from Opposite Lock. They give added protection against rocks.

Only a few changes after the initial build.

Home again

Back home getting some maintenance on the car and myself. Plus more preparation for the next 3 trips, Cape York, Flinders Island and then the Kimberley. They do take some planning, which is easier at home than on the road.

The Doc had a biopsy earlier in the week (3 actually) to find out about some lesions on his face and neck. He finds out next week whether they are more serious. EDIT: It turns out they are skin cancers, so The Doc needs to go under the knife.