Paruna Sanctuary – landscape, flora and wildflowers

The Doc hiked at AWC’s Paruna Sanctuary about an hours drive out of Perth. It is one of AWC’s smaller properties.

The Doc walked around Possum Loop, the shortest walk. He took about 3 hours practising macro photos.

After the walk The Doc located Karakamia and then had a pub lunch at Chidlow a nearby town. That night he was booked for a Guided Tour of Karakamia.

Here are landscape photographs around the loop.

Here are a few more flora and wildflower photos. Enjoy. Remember the thumbnails are blurred, click to see the full size image.


Perth then Cocos Keeling Islands

The Doc needs to travel to Perth to give training on Thursday and Friday at AWC’s Perth Head Office. Training was arranged yesterday.

The Doc is not coming straight back, instead he flies early Saturday morning into the Indian Ocean to visit Cocos Keeling Islands for a 10 day stay.

Cocos Keeling is an Australian Territory comprising 2 coral atolls and some 27 tiny islands with white­-sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons.

The Doc told a friend and they said they did not feel sorry for me, at which The Doc quickly responded “I am not asking them too!”

Some more photos at this blog.

The Savannah Lander – Day 4

The last day was mostly train travel from Mt Surprise back to Cairns. The Doc was up early and walked to the railway station, having a look around the township. There was also a small market in front of the station with locals selling to the tourists. A great idea. However the food was mostly in glass, so The Doc passed on the opportunity.

There was some excitement on the way home including the train being held up by young bushrangers. A great way for kids to earn pocket money! The passengers were warned that we’d be robbed 😉

Instead of repeating some of the earlier photos let’s look at some textures, here bark and leaves.

And some rock and minerals. Enjoy.

Next day the flight home. An enjoyable trip which included a visit to Pungalina and the Savannah Lander train trip. Yes The Doc used the wrong watermark on the pictures.