Using a tilt shift lense

The weather has been terrible, thus limiting photo opportunities. So The Doc decided to write a practical guide on using a tilt shift lense. Teaching himself how to properly use a tilt shift lense has been one of the challenges The Doc has set himself on the Adventure.

Tilt shift lenses are not for everyone but they are great for landscape shots. They are also useful for architectural and product photography. They can also be used for creating miniature effects. Click here for the Guide.

A shot taken with a tilt shift lenses at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.


Camera Equipment

Something for gearheads this time. The Doc is increasingly using filters in his landscape work, examples include the recent Ballina Lighthouse work and many of the landscape shots in Flinders Island. The Doc is just not using filters but interestingly he is using a tilt shift lens to get panoramic shots.

As part of the research over the years he has a large list of resources on filters. So this has been added to the blog, here.